This Our Choice Special includes one 21.25" S-Tec Dragon Machete and five Bowies of our choosing. Up to a $199.70 value, yours for only $45!

CCN-102818 - Odd Lot Bowie Bonanza (6pcs)
O/L BOWIE - Odd Lot Bowies
T66109 - 21.25

Odd Lot Bowie Bonanza

6 pieces

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Retail Value $199.70
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    Our Choice

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    Our Choice


What You'll Receive:

Odd Lot Bowies

Odd Lot Bowies (x5)

Item # O/L BOWIE
Configuration: Bowie
Retail $19.95
21.25"Cord-Wrapped Dragon Machete

Cord-Wrapped Dragon Machete (x1)

Item # T66109
Brand: S-Tec
Configuration: Machete
Handle Material: Composite (Cord-Wrapped)
Length (Overall): 21 1/4"
Retail $99.95
  • Carbon Steel
  • Decorative Pommel
  • Nylon Sheath
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