This set is a great addition to any collection. You'll get one of the 5" Black Composite Santoku Knifes and one of the 5 1/4" Black Composite Ceramic Peelers with Ceramic Blade. You won't find a lower price anywhere!

CCN-90026 - Chef Deluxe Ceramic Santoku (2pc)
CD-07 - 10
CD-109 - Ceramic Veggie Peeler Cl-Pk 5.25

Chef Deluxe Ceramic Santoku

2 pieces

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Retail Value $53.33
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  • Configuration:

    Kitchen Set

  • Brand:

    Chef Deluxe

  • Handle Material:



What You'll Receive:

10" Black Ceramic Santoku

Black Ceramic Santoku (x1)

Item # CD-07
Brand: Chef Deluxe
Configuration: Santoku Knife
Handle Material: Composite (Black)
Length (Overall): 10"
Retail $40.00
  • Ceramic Blade
  • Miracle Edge
  • Rubberized Handle
Ceramic Veggie Peeler Cl-Pk 5.25

Ceramic Veggie Peeler Cl-Pk 5.25 (x1)

Item # CD-109
Brand: Chef Deluxe
Configuration: Ceramic Peeler
Handle Material: Composite (Black)
Length (Overall): 5 1/4"
Retail $13.33
  • Ceramic Blade
  • Clam Packaging
  • Rubberized Handle