Here is a great Steak Knife Set by Chef Deluxe! These Dishwasher Safe restaurant-style knives have Mirror Finished Blades and Rugged Wooden Handles that will work for all occassions!

CCN-60018 - Steak For Everyone (20pcs)
CD-02 - Chef Deluxe 10pc. Steak Set

Steak For Everyone

20 pieces

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Retail Value $69.34
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  • Configuration:

    Steak Knife Set

  • Brand:

    Chef Deluxe

  • Handle Material:



What You'll Receive:

Chef Deluxe 10pc. Steak Set

Chef Deluxe 10pc. Steak Set (x2)

Item # CD-02
Brand: Chef Deluxe
Configuration: Steak Knife
Handle Material: Wood
Length (Overall): 10 1/4"
Retail $34.67
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Half-Serrated Blade
  • Mirror Finished Blade
  • Polished Wood Handles