Introducing the Antique Bone Trapper/Tiny Trapper Combo by Hen & Rooster. Includes items 422-ASC and 212-AGB. With details like Thumbnail Pull, Nickel Silver Bolsters, and Display Case, stock is limited, so add to your cart before they are all gone.

CCN-59742 - H&R Fishing Buddies (1pc)

H&R Fishing Buddies

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  • item #


  • Configuration:

    Trapper/Tiny Trapper Combo

  • Brand:

    Hen & Rooster

  • Handle Material:

    Bone (Antique)

  • Display Case
  • Etched Blade
  • Etched Bolsters
  • German Steel
  • Nickel Silver Bolsters
  • Thumbnail Pull