Valley Forge Damascus Brute (1pc)
Item# CCN-60614 Valley Forge Damascus Brute
Retail $76.56 $38.96
The Hog (1pc)
Item# CCN-54985 The Hog
Retail $69.95 $29.47
Kukri Rams Horn Folder (1pc)
Item# CCN-58341 Kukri Rams Horn Folder
Retail $480.00 $228.00
Hanwei Survival Kukhri (1pc)
Item# CCN-58786 Hanwei Survival Kukhri
Retail $398.00 $197.63
Citadel Gurkha Kukri Hunter (1pc)
Item# CCN-58639 Citadel Gurkha Kukri Hunter
Retail $799.95 $498.00
Citadel Kukri Wood Scale (1pc)
Item# CCN-58399 Citadel Kukri Wood Scale
Retail $340.00 $164.50
Bio Express (39pcs)
Item# CCN-50423 Bio Express (39 pcs)
Retail $774.81 $168.00
Blades Of A Warrior(186pcs)
Item# CCN-53819 Blades Of A Warrior (186 pcs)
Retail $1,556.19 $220.00
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