Just the thing for knife collectors everywhere. You'll get one of the Black Nylon Gear Vests and one of the Black Aluminum Zap Flashlights. Not all of these components will stay in stock, so throw this in your shopping cart now!

CCN-60323 - Tactical Vest Stun Gun Combo (2p
CT393 - Colt Tactical Gear Vest
ZAP-SD2000 - Zaplight w/ Case Sd

Tactical Vest Stun Gun Combo

2 pieces

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    Tactical Collection

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Set Components

Colt Tactical Gear Vest

Colt Tactical Gear Vest (x1)

Item # CT393
Configuration: Gear Vest
Handle Material: Nylon (Black)
Retail $120.00
  • Detachable Holster
  • Nylon Mesh Construction
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Twelve Pockets
Zaplight w/ Case Sd

Zaplight w/ Case Sd (x1)

Item # ZAP-SD2000
Brand: Other
Configuration: Zap Flashlight
Handle Material: Aluminum (Black)
Retail $69.95
  • Carrying/Storage Case
  • Lanyard
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