Frost Cutlery fans are going to love this 18" Hard Wood Display Case! With details like Brass Latches, Plexiglass Viewing Window, and Brass Hinges, no one can resist, so get yours while you can!

CCN-60019 - Display-Ja-Vu (2pcs)
DS1218P - Hardwood Display Plexiglass


2 pieces

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Retail Value $137.90
  • item #


  • Configuration:

    Display Case

  • Overall Length:


  • Brand:

    Frost Cutlery

  • Handle Material:

    Wood (Hard)


Set Components

Hardwood Display Plexiglass

Hardwood Display Plexiglass (x2)

Item # DS1218P
Brand: Frost Cutlery
Configuration: Display Case
Handle Material: Wood (Hard)
Length (Overall): 18"
Retail $68.95
  • Brass Hinges
  • Brass Latches
  • Plexiglass Viewing Window
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